Willy Mason

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Willy Mason is a songwriter and singer.

He has released 5 albums and numerous EPs and collaborations, and has toured internationally for many years.  

During his time with Virgin/EMI records he made many efforts to expand the scope of mainstream touring and music, networking directly with fans to promote concerts and events, living and working out of a converted van, hiring new and inexperienced artists, bridging genres, and speaking out about the complications of idolatry. He also wrote spiritually subversive and empowering songs that were played regularly on BBC 1 and 2. These days he is turning his attention toward music education and sound science.

His March 2018 tour of Ireland was a very special event for Turning Pirate, part of a special tour of intimate venues, performing with a four piece group selections from his previous three albums and trying out some new unreleased material. We’re looking forward to his return.