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Hibernacle aims to produce unique and immersive events, big and small.

Hibernacle is an idea born out of collaboration. Artists, singers and musicians across genres and at varying levels of their careers, are brought together to collaborate, write, sing and perform in a completely fresh and unique way.

These unique and immersive events encourage communication, the beginnings of connections, songs and conversations about the creative process.

The first Hibernacle was a winter retreat in Doolin, Co.Clare, where artists and crew created and shared music, spoken word and recipes for a week that culminated in four live streams over three days. 

Following on from that success, many of the same artists and some new took part in Hibernacle’s next curative project; Hibernacle: Meet Me in the Garden, a series of intimate live performances set in the stunning Garden Venue of The Chestnut, Birr. Co. Offaly, with a limited capacity per concert to facilitate the public health guidelines at the time. These were for many, very special first live in-person gigs after lockdowns.

In September 2021, the remarkable Claregalway Castle provided the epic backdrop for Hibernacle: Meet Me At The Castle - a series of one-day events featuring Andy Irvine, Lisa Hannigan, Tolu Makay, Wallis Bird, Nealo, Daithí, Jape, DJ Sally Cinnamon and more. Guests were allowed to explore the historic grounds with the anticipation of coming across a surprise artist collaboration over the course of the weekend.