About Turning Pirate

Collaboration is at the very heart of Turning Pirate and has been since its inception in 2006, when Úna Molloy began bringing together the doyens of the music industry of Ireland and beyond to create shows that are always fresh and unique.

“That feeling of everyone working really hard but also having loads of fun is something to aim for always”, says Úna in this Irish Times article.

Over the pandemic the live music industry was brought to its knees. Turning Pirate, along with a steering committee of bookers and owners of some of Ireland’s most precious small to medium-sized venues founded LIVE VENUE COLLECTIVE; a collaborative effort that has worked tirelessly to keep venues and promoters afloat, lobbying and fighting tooth and nail for government assistance and funding. Funding that has enabled many venues to keep their doors open and backstage crew and artists to come together to create music and magic, while earning an income during one of the most challenging times for our industry. More about LVC’s work here

Turning Pirate is proudly part of HIBERNACLE , producing unique and immersive events, big and small. Hibernacle is an idea born out of collaboration. Artists, singers and musicians across genres and at varying levels of their careers are brought together to collaborate, write, sing and perform in a completely fresh and unique way.

Hibernacle produce unique and immersive events that encourage communication, the beginnings of connections, music and songs, and conversations about the creative process.

Turning Pirate are well known for their MixTape shows. These bring together some of Ireland’s best-known musicians and artists for a collaborative party. Our aim is to forge a space where our performers, production team and audience join forces to create a fantastic night for everyone in the room. Those rooms can be massive or intimate but they will always be bursting at the seams with the joy of celebrating the very best of live music.

These shows have included New Year’s Eve MixTapes in Vicar Street, Pirate Sounds in the Spiegeltent, A Vampire MixTape for Bram Stoker Festival, Charity MixTapes in Whelan’s, and even a Back to the Future MixTape on the day Marty McFly and Doc Brown arrived in the future!