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Formed in the mid-1970’s, Scullion are revered and feted as one of Ireland’s most innovative, original and brilliant live bands. Their upcoming new record emphasises the band's musical curiosity and like all of the band records, it breaks new ground.

Through all the years of the band’s existence there have been times of hiatus, where the members have followed different interests, Philip with his film and radio work, Bringing it all Back Home, Other Voices for TV and The South Wind Blows, his much loved series on RTÉ Radio One, along with countless musical documentaries and films.

Robbie has over the years been working with singers, Karen Casey, Eimear Quinn, and piper, Eoin Duignan. He released a solo CD titled ‘Overdue’ in 2004.

Sonny has been doing solo gigs around Ireland, including a long residency with Robbie in Annesley House in Fairview, Dublin. A collection of his songs recorded with the band Radar, under the same name, was released in 2005. He also released a collection of work in 2013, titled ‘Swallows and Farms’.

In mid-2012, Scullion started work on a new collection of songs with recording engineer Ruairí O’Flaherty in his studio in Killarney, Co. Kerry. Ruairí had worked on the Other Voices series, and also on sound production for some of the band’s live shows. They released their first album in 27 years, ‘Long Wave’ in 2012.

Ten years on Scullion are back with a brand new album and a desire to get back on the road. The new album ‘Time Has Made a Change in Me’ was released in September 2022 with the first taster of the album, a reminagined version of 'I Need My Girl' by The National released in May, followed by ‘All the Bells in Spain’ and ‘The Fruit Smelling Shop’.

Produced by Leon O’Neill

Featuring Crash Ensemble, Conor O’Brien (Villagers),
Gemma Doherty (Saint Sister) + more

For 2 years we have been isolating from each other. Many have been anxious and alone. Throughout these lonesome days, music and songs have been a salve and an inspiration.
During that time Irish folk rock band Scullion have recorded an uplifting and inspirational collection of songs for the head and heart and will take to the highway, collapse distance and
bring us back together in the halls, front rooms, back rooms and bar rooms of Ireland.

James Joyce and Sufjan Stevens are woven into the DNA of this record with the inspirational music of Sonny Condell beating at the heart of the thing.

‘Afoot and light-hearted I take to the open road,
Healthy, free, the world before me,
The long brown path before me leading wherever I choose.’