Luka Bloom

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WAVE UP TO THE SHORE is a 50 song collection of songs and tunes from the past 50 years.

All re-recorded, solo in my home during the Summer of 2022.
I was singing Wave up to the Shore at home in May 2022. Suddenly I realised that it was 50 years old.
That I had been writing, recording, and performing my songs for 50 years.
My buddy Jon O’Connell brought some equipment to the house.
And I selected a wide range of songs from across 5 decades.
We recorded 60, and narrowed it down to 50.
And added a bonus track; a piece of music written in Switzerland in August 2022.
We gave the recordings to my maestro buddy Brian Masterson.
He gave long hours, bring the songs into sonic shape.
And here it is.
It is literally a once off.
3 cds.

Available by cd or download from

When the lockdowns began, I thought about trying the online gigs. But I just missed the true feeling  of a room full of people too much. And so the virus gave me a precious gift; time. Time to be still, time to dream, and time to create. LIVE AT DE ROMA is a recording from my favourite venue, De Roma in Antwerp, November 2019. Then BITTERSWEET CRIMSON, recorded in Windmill Lane in February 2020, just before lockdown number 1. And finally, the stillness, and the solitude of this Corona year, brought me right into the bosom of my old friend the guitar. This led to OUT OF THE BLUE, my first record with no voice or lyric, just the guitar. These 3 records are a good reflection of my life in this strange time we have been living through. And I have decided to present them together, on my 66th Birthday, the 23rd of May. I can’t wait to hit the  road soon, and sing these songs, and play these tunes wherever the road takes me. Until then, here is THE LOCKDOWN TRILOGY.

Words by Luka Bloom. To follow Luka or listen to his music visit his website   or his socials, linked above