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Sligo born songwriter Honas attributes his openness in personality and style to the unique years of his childhood. He did the majority of his growing up along Ireland’s wild Atlantic coast, learning the Irish language, playing sports and being shown how to play multiple instruments by his family members.

He spent a portion of his early years living in Guyana, South America, where the obsession for music began. There, he discovered the music of The Beatles and Michael Jackson while repeatedly listening to his parents’ modest CD collection, all while he soaked in the different sounds and culture in his new surroundings, school and life.

On arriving home to Ireland, he learned that his brother had joined a band and had burned a CD of a self-recorded album. In the following years, Honas started writing and recording his own music until it became a fundamental part of his life.

A locked-down 2020 saw Honas begin to stack up a long list of songs at home in his studio. Things got off to an encouraging start with the release of ‘Control’ in 2021, leading to an abundance of features/reviews from international music blogs, national radio play and over 10 million streams on Spotify so far.

Soon after, Honas joined a select line-up of Ireland’s music treasures for a week-long collaborative winter retreat, Hibernacle. After writing and collaborating with the likes of Lisa Hannigan, Æ MAK, Toshín, Saint Sister, Nealo and others, 2022 is looking like an exciting year for Honas with new releases coming soon.