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Born on the west coast of Ireland, songwriter and artist Honas draws his creative spirit from the unique years of his childhood. Growing up along the rugged coastline, speaking the Irish language and throwing himself into Gaelic football; but a portion of his early years were spent living in Guyana, South America, where his obsession with music was ignited. This diverse cultural exposure, coupled with a newfound appreciation for classic Western songwriting upon his return to Ireland, moulded Honas' musical identity. His tender, intimate vocals and emotionally charged songwriting give birth to tracks that effortlessly transform
into irresistibly catchy ear worms.

After joining Lisa Hannigan, Saint Sister & Nealo at the musical pilgrimage and performance, Hibernacle in 2020, Honas spent the next years working behind the scenes, honing his craft and collaborating on projects such as songwriter & vocals for the 2022 Google Year in Search video, gaining almost 300 million views as well as his song “Control” with German producer LO amassing 20 million streams to date. Honas' sonic evolution was guided by experiences in studios across London, Berlin and Vienna alongside acclaimed producers (The 1975, Inhaler, Interpol, Florence & the Machine, La Roux, Warpaint and The Killers). His debut single "Everyday Life" received strong support from Irish, German & Australian national radios as well as multiple Spotify playlists, paving the way for his next single “Cash Machine”.

Credit - Gian Carlos Maitelli