Carsie Blanton

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Carsie Blanton is a songwriter with hooks, chutzpah, and revolutionary optimism. Inspired by artists including Nina Simone and John Prine, her music is a jaunt through American popular  song, from sultry jazz to pop-punk protest anthems.

Her live shows seek to delight and galvanize, with her Handsome Band serving  up juicy three-part harmonies and melodic basslines to drive home each well-crafted  refrain. A seasoned performer, she explores the political and the burlesque while bringing her audience together in humor, hope, and camaraderie.

Carsie’s latest album, Lovin’ Is Easy, is an intimately-recorded collection of songs from  throughout her catalog, produced by Tyler Chester (Madison Cunningham, Andrew Bird) and  featuring fan-favorites such as Fishin with You and Smoke Alarm.

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